Nip snip?

Wonder if today I will have a nip snip? I don’t think I have posted since I had my surgery on July 17, but some things have been going on in the past month. Everything looked well after my surgery, until about a week and a half after. The right nip formed a fluid pocket on the underside of my nipple graft that eventually broke open on it’s own. I was worried about this, but at my 2 week post op, he seemed to think it was ok. My nipples have changed a variety of colors, and the one I was not worried about, seems to be cause for concern. It has slowly changed from a nice pretty pink to and odd gray to a white. I was told to keep them covered in bacitracin and to prevent friction as much as possible. The left one got a bit gooey (gross I know) and it looked like it was going to slide right off. Bleh. It was too early to tell if the tissue was viable so he asked to see me in another 2 weeks.

That brings us to today. My appointment was at 1015. I am done, and let me tell you, I just had an experience that most people will never have. I had my left nipple cut off. Thank heavens I can’t feel it. He came in and looked at the tissue and trimmed a little off the right nipple but over all he thought it looked good. He moved over to the left and explained that it was not viable and that he needs to take it off to prevent any infection. So he trimmed it off. I had an odd sensation in my clavicle area, but it didn’t hurt. So now I have one nipple. Just call me petittle (thanks Liz)

What’s the plan?!? Keep slathering those suckers in bacitracin and keep them clean. I see him in a month just to check on healing progress and then he will reconstruct a new one on the left in 2-3 months. Not too shabby. Thankful that I didn’t get an infection!!!