Reconstruction pigmentation

Reconstruction pigmentation…fancy schmancy term for nip tat.  Yup, I get my nipple tattoos tomorrow.  Tomorrow marks the end of this crazy almost 2 year journey.


No more going to the doctor once a month, no more using my vacations to have surgery, no more inconveniencing the people in my life to come take care of me, no more worrying that my boobs are ticking time bombs.  AWESOME, but a little strange.  I have really gotten to know the people involved in my journey at the doctors offices that I have visited.  They were an integral part of my recovery and mental health.  They were there and supportive every step of the way, rooting for me when I was struggling and cheering for me when I was overcoming.  They have seen me at my best, and they have seen me at my worst.  It will be a little strange not to see them all of the time.  This is a good thing, I know, just a little weird.  They will probably never have another patient who calls herself a petittle…(see my post about my failed nipple reconstruction of that doesn’t make sense).  I have realized how important compassionate care is, and the teams that have taken care of me exemplify that.  I can only hope that as a nurse I can provide my patients and families with that level of care.

I have no idea how tomorrow is going to go.  I don’t currently have any tattoos so I don’t know what getting one feels like.  I also don’t have normal sensation in that area.  Do any of you have any big scars?  You know that feeling when something touches that scar?  It goes right through you. Not pain, but it gives me the heebie jeebies (sp?).  I’m not sure how a few hours of that sensation will be.  I don’t like it when I have it for a few seconds.  Either way, it’s temporary, and will be over before I know it.

In case you were wondering, I am waiting for the day when some person that doesn’t know me that well asks me if I have any tattoos…oh the ways I could respond. Maybe I should just always wear a button up shirt and no bra so I can just rip my shirt open and say “check out these puppies” bahaha.  I would give some poor soul a heart attack.  Maybe I should get smiley faces or green colored nipple tattoos.  That would really throw people off. You never know…?

Wish me luck.