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That’s what you’re gonna get in this here blog.


Who is this chick ? Well, my name is Traci (everyone calls me Trace) and my humble abode is currently located in PA.

I am a wife, a dog lover, a runner (cue Rocky theme), an RN, an avid book reader, a beer drinker, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend, a music junkie, a professional student (yup, I was in college for 12 years and no, I didn’t eat paint chips as a child), and I’m BRCA1 positive.

WARNING!!!  I am NOT a professional writer, an English major, or a blogging expert.  Actually I’m a shit writer but I’m ok with that and you should be too.  If your not, stop reading.   I’m sure you will all be able to pick up what I’m throwing down.



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Traci,
    I graduated with Ann and work at St. John’s Christian Daycare and know your precious nephews. I just wanted to let you know you will definetely be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow and as you go through this process. God is good!

  2. I know some strong people….I once watched my husband pull a cherry tree stump and roots out of the ground with his bare hands, so I know strong. I have got to say now, I have never seen more strength than that of my daughter ,through this walk through this portion of her life… When your children are tiny, you wonder what kind of adults they will become. Well wow. Just wow. Life is life, sometimes good, sometimes not so much, but when you choose to walk it hand in hand with God, all things are indeed possible. But as we all know, with that being said, we can choose to just endure with God’s help, or we can choose to rise above. And Traci, I have to say you soared! I couldn’t love you any more, this woman that I have been blessed to see you become. Not a tear, not a complaint, but through it all a thankful heart. I feel kinda bad about those CVS drive through curves! Love, Mom

  3. Traci,
    You are a wonderful woman to share your story and help to empower your sister and many other women. Your positive attitude and your strong support will carry you through this ordeal. I love your honest, straightforward approach with bits of humor mixed in too. Many of your comments take me back 29 years to my own mastectomy and reconstruction. I know how important it is to have Mom with you. My mother was there everyday helping me as well as taking care of the kids. Keep smiling. Stay strong. Many hugs and prayers to all.

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