Punch today in the face.

As I get ready for bed after having a nice dinner with Eric, Jill and Shane, I have decided already decided that I am gonna punch the day in the face when I wake up.  I love this term ” Punch today in the face”. I feel like you should go to bed always thinking that tomorrow is a new day, you have no idea what God has in store for you so you might as well wake up and start strong by punching it in the face. Plus, I am capable of physically punching now. It’s little things like this that make me remember how far I have come.  Oh my, how far I have come in such a short time.  It is truly amazing, but I am not fooled. Yes, I am putting in the work and so are the doctors, but God’s got our back.  Thank you God.  so I hope everyone wakes up and will…


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