Whew, what a relief that it’s over!  I ended up being in surgery for 12 hrs.  It seemed short for me, but from listening to other people it was torture.  I remember waking up and thinking “Wow, that was fast!” I asked the nurse in recovery what time it was and he told me  900.  900  pm….holy moley!

So, what does it kfeel like?  It feels like all of my muscles from my belly button to my neck are in one big knot!  It took a while for them to get my pain medication balanced.  I had a morphine PCA and the only thing that really did for me was make me fall asleep.  They took that away early yesterday morning and gave me some Valium ( to help with cramping) and 2 percocets.  That worked miracles!  Then they changed my meds to dilaudid pills.  They did nothing for me either but  make me sleep.  so back to the Percocet I went.  My pain is pretty well controlled now.

My face…let’s talk about this for a minute.  For this procedure, I started laying on my back while the breast surgeon removed all of the tissue.  Then when she was done, the flipped me onto mu front.  Apparently the way I was laying, the tube that supports my breathing put pressure on the sir of my moth.  It’s pretty red a cracked…who wants to kiss me ;).   My chin must have been resting on something because it is all red and swollen.  My entire upper body feels tight, bit let me tell you, I feel so much better today than yesterday.  Yesterday I felt like I got hit by a truck, today I feel like I got run over by a Mini Cooper. hah! ok, this is about as much typing as my T-Rex arms can handle today.



11 thoughts on “Relief

  1. Even with a forced smile you are beautiful. Glad the surgery is done & now recovery. Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. Love ya

  2. okay took my math quiz. now on to Traci
    you look beautiful, kissable, so glad to see your smiling face.
    love this blog been waiting for you ..
    …hugs from here work when you have this surgery.
    miss ya just giving a hoot ):>)}}}}})<owl art lolololol

  3. You look great! Make this look like a piece of cake. Soo happy to hear you were headed home today. Rest up! you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. You look awesome!! So glad you found the right concoction for pain and to let the muscles relax! Hope you are settled in at home!! ❤️

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