Merry Titmas!

I got home from the madness of Target with my Dad today and there were many many packages on my doorstep. Only one was addressed to me (I LOVE ANY KIND OF MAIL) so of course I ripped right into it! This is what it was:
For those of you who don’t know, Sharies Berries are fist sized chocolate covered strawberries and they are delicious!!!! Between me, my Dad and Eric we are rationing them. They are delicious. You know what the best part of it was? That the card said “Merry Titmas love Aunt Kim, Uncle Mark, Jordan, Taylor and Zane”. I love my family! Thanks guys!


This day way was AWESOME!!!!! My mom says to me that for some reasoN they delivered us a paper today so she was going out to get it  (this was 830 am) I am still laying in the recliner trying to open my eyes and mom comes back into the house and but it wasn’t my mom.  It was my little brother Patrick whom I haven’t seen since June. happy can’t even begin to describe my feelings. That little butthole drove all through the night from Tennessee just to come see me!!!!!!!!!! Feeling. Ever. Made my year.

Thanksgiving was awesome this year and it’s just gonna get better tomorrow.   I ate so much I almost puked and it was fabulous.  I had homemade cherry crumb pie and that was heavenly.  But………it only gets better tomorrow.  My sister Annie, brother – in law Jared, my nephew Gabe ( apparently we now call him beeb), my other cute little nugget nephew Greyson, and my dad are coming. Soopa dooopa pumped.  Now only if Michael, Amy , Emma, and Amy could be here it would be perfect.

I am thankful for so many things this year.  I DONT have cancer, I have a beautiful family, God loves me! I have two awesome dogs, THE BEST FRIENDS A PERSON COULD HAVE, ihave a nice house with heat filled with food to eat,  have clothes to wear and clean water to drink.   But most of all, people have sent me many pairs of fuzzy socks that I am gonna hide from my sister Annie so that she can’t steal them like she likes to do.

thank you everyone for the love and support.  I hope you all had as great of a day as I did.