God is good, and I’ve got the proof…

I wake up this morning to a massive amount of well wishes and support on Facebook.

holy.crap. Do I know this many people?!?

I am flabbergasted (such a good word).


I can’t believe how many people took a few seconds out of their day to leave me a note.  People from elementary, middle, high school, all of my many colleges, co-workers, family, acquaintances, and friends of friends.  I haven’t talked to some of these people in years.  People have shared my blog on their pages and  told others about what I’m doing.  Hopefully this will help others.

There are two people that really made me really realize how blessed I am to have such good people in my life.

First, Lercy.  Lercy is a woman that I work with.  Poor Lercy, she is the only person on our unit that fluently speaks Spanish, and in the area where I live there are many Spanish speaking people.  Anyways, we were sitting in the break room on Friday having our lunch and the girls and I were talking about all if the things I had to do this past weekend to get ready for this surgery (cooking,cleaning, running errands, etc.). I was really dreading the cleaning, and Lercy sits there all quiet and just looks at me and says “Would you like some help? I would be happy to come and help you clean!”  i thought this was so nice.  Who offers to help somebody clean? Lercy does.  Thank you Lercy, you are too kind.

Second is a friend I haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time.  He lives out in LA and works in the entertainment business.  As I am laying in bed last night my phone beeps and I see he sent me a personal message on Facebook.  He apparently knows a lot of high profile MD’s out there and offered to get me in contact with some of those Dr.’s if I have any questions at all.  He offered his support and told me if I need an opinion or anything at all he could put me in touch with the right people.  Wow.  The fact that he would go out of his way to help me out blew my mind.  So very generous you are Kris.  Thank you.

I’m just an average girl, living an average life who made a not so average  decision.  You know what is not so average?!?!?!  The amount of people I have on my team.  Wow. Just wow.  This morning my heart is the size of a hot air balloon.

God is good and he reminds us of this everyday by the acts of kindness he has us do for others.