Tissue expanders are almost gone…

I got the call today about when my surgery would be tomorrow. I was really hoping they would call and say “you need to be here at 0600″. Not the case. The lady calls and says…”we need you to be here at 1330.”
Seriously? 1330. Bleh. BUT… it’s actually happening tomorrow, so I guess I really don’t care what time it gets done just as long as it does. I CAN’T WAIT to get these rocks out of my chest. Yes, it could be worse, I am very aware of that, but I am WAY over tissue expanders. I would say I was over them about a month ago. But….doot do dooo!!!! Tomorrow is the day. Did I mention this is happening tomorrow? I am more worried about the commute into the city with all this crazy weather we have been having than the procedure. Almost there.

I pray that God blesses the hands of the doctors nurses and medical staff tomorrow. I know he will be with me the entire time. They keep telling me that this procedure is going to be a breeze compared to the last one. Let’s hope so. So please, shoot a prayer up, wish me luck, if you have the time. I would appreciate it!

4 thoughts on “Tissue expanders are almost gone…

  1. Thinking of you today! I know that everything is going to go awesome. I think they should start your procedure at 1331 cause that is lucky for me, I’ll put a call into the doctor and see what i can do. Keep me posted, hopefully for this procedure my phone won’t die and make me freak out because no one has called or sent me a message not knowing that i’m just not getting messages and people have been trying to get ahold of me all day! Hope yall are enjoying all the snow, i’m glad it’s you and not me getting the snow. Punch today right square in the throat and just know that i will be thinking about you all day and that i love you long time. You got this no worries

    • Thank you for the positive vibes. I will sure to let you know how things go. I don’t have to be there until 1330 so I doubt my surgery will start until like 1430 at least assuming he is on time. Hate that it’s late in the day, but with the weather we have been having, it’s probably better that way. So yes, I’m hoping to punch today in the throat hopefully none of the medical staff. Love you too.

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